This plugin is designed for Joomla 3.9+. To install go to the install/uninstall extensions page of Joomla Administrator and upload the package file. Then go to the Plugin Manager page and activate the plugin.

Changes & Backward Compatibility:

For version 4.0, several changes had to be made that affect backward compatibility. For new users, this is not a problem, but for existing users, you make have to make minor changes to your shortcode to get everything working as normal. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause. Here are the changes:

  1. Use of Spaces:

    The use of pipes '|' to separate shortcode properties/attributes was removed. Shortcode attributes are now separated by a space. So, you will have to change your shorcodes and use spaces instead. For example:

    {easyflashuploader destination='some_folder/subfolder'|caption='My Images'|disappear='1'}

    Shold be changed to...

    {easyflashuploader destination='some_folder/subfolder' caption='My Images' disappear='1'}
  2. Deprecated SWFUpload Engine:

    Easy Flash Uploader's default upload engine is now purely Javascript. It is an AJAX-based uploader that uses the XMLHttpRequest object to handle uploads and progress management. Although the previous SWFUpload engine is available, its use is discouraged. The AJAX engine works almost identically, except for the lack of a queue limit (number of files in the queue) and maximum upload limit (total size uploaded from all files in queue).

    According to Adobe, Flash Player will reach End-of-Life on December 31, 2020. After this date, there will be no support for Flash in web applications or browsers. Originally, Easy Flash Uploader was created uwing SWFUpload, which is a Flash-based uploap progress manager. As of version 4.0 of Easy Flash Uploader, SWFUpload will no longer be the main upload engine. And upon the release of version 5.0, SWFUpload will be completely removed.

  3. Multiple Email Recipients:

    You can now, from version 4.0, send an email notification to more than just one email address. Separate each email address by a comma or semicolon.


To use this plugin as content in an article, first enable the plugin and configure the default parameters in the Plugin Manager. To control which types of users have access to this plugin, set the Access Level in the plugin.

Secondly, in the article, type '{easyflashuploader}'. It will work based on the default parameters if typed with no custom parameters.

To have multiple uploaders on the same page, just add a custom shortcode for each instance you want. Please note that each instance must have something different about their listed parameters:

{easyflashuploader parameter1='value1' parameter2="value2" ... parameterN='valueN'}

Please note that parameter values can be enclosed in either single quotes or double quotes. Number values need not be enclosed in quotes. Example of a custom shortcode:

{easyflashuploader destination="folder_in_joomla_root/optional_subfolder" replace='1' simultaneous=1 filesize=10240 caption='My Uploader'}


NameKeywordDefault ValueDescription
Upload EngineengineajaxChoose the upload engine used to upload the files and show its progress. Options are ajax or flash.
Default Upload FolderdestinationimagesThis is the folder that the uploaded file will be saved to.
Default Caption TextcaptionEasy Flash Uploader QueueThis is the default text that captions the upload file form.
Show CaptionshowcaptionYes (1)This specifies whether to show the caption above or not.
Heading TypeheadingHeading 3 (h3)This specifies the heading type of the Default Caption text.
AJAX Details
Input MethodinputdndChoose the appropriate input method to add files. You can choose between Drag and Drop (dnd), Drag and Drop with Link (dndlink), Default File Input (fileinput), or Text Link (link).
Select MultiplemultipleYes (1)Allows selecting multiple files in the Browse dialog.
Auto StartautostartYes (1)Autpmatically start uploading files once queued.
Show ControlsshowcontrolsYes (1)Display or hide the queue management controls.
Simultaneous UploadssimultaneousYes (1)When selecting multiple files to upload, all will simultaneously start instead of manually starting one at a time.
Autohide DnDautohideYes (1)Autohides the Drag and Drop area when uploading starts.
Uploads PositionuploadspositionaboveSelect the position of the uploads queue relative to the input method area. Options are above or below.
SWFUpload Settings
Browse Button TextbuttonBrowseThis is the text that is on the button to browse for the file to upoad.
Browse Button SpritespritebuttonSprite_blue.pngThis allows you to choose which button sprite to select. You can add custom button sprites in the buttons folder.
Button Render ModebuttonmodeWINDOWThis allows the administrator to specify how the Flash-based browse button will be rendered. The value must be ALL UPPERCASE. Other values include: OPAQUE and TRANSPARENT
Browse Button Widthbuttonwidth100This is the width (in pixels) of the browse button.
Browse Button Heightbuttonheight23This is the height (in pixels) of the browse button.
Browse Button Font FamilyfontfamilyArialThis is the font family of the browse button text.
Browse Button Font Sizefontsize12This is the font size of the browse button text.
Browse Button Font Colorfontcolor#FFFFFFThis is the color of the browse button text.
Browse Button Top Paddingtoppadding3This is the padding of the browse button text from the top of the button image.
Show StatusshowstatusYes (1)This specifies whether the status information is shown in the widget.
File Upload Limituploadlimit10This is the number of files allowed to be uploaded. The value of 0 (zero) is interpreted as unlimited.
File Queue Limitqueuelimit10This is the number of unprocessed files allowed to be simultaneously queued.
Description of File TypesfiledescriptionImage FilesThis is the description label shown in the dialog box when selecting the file.
Upload Settings
Maximum File Size (KB)filesize2048This is the maximum allowable file size, in kilobytes, that can be uploaded.
Default Permitted file types (separate by semi-colon)filetypes*.gif;*.jpg;*.png;*.pdfThis is a list of the file types that are permitted to be uploaded (separated by semi-colon. no spaces between). To specify all file types, enter *.* in the textarea.
Permitted MIME types (separate by semi-colon)mimetypesapplication/octet-stream; image/gif; image/jpeg; image/pjpeg; image/png; application/pdf; application/msword; application/zip;
This is a list of the MIME types that are permitted to be uploaded (separated by semi-colon. spaces between allowed). Type asterisk (*) to allow any type.
Replace existing files allowed?replaceNo (0)This allows the administrator to decide whether to allow the user to replace en existing file with the same file name as the file to be uploaded.
Display Details
CSS Layout Theme** NO KEYWORD **compact.cssSelect a CSS layout theme from the list of files located in the themes media folder.
Width of Containing Divdivwidth500pxThe Width of the Containing DIV element. This value must specify the unit. For example, 100% or 300px or 13em.
Progress Bar Height (in pixels)barheight10The height, in pixels, of the progress bar (Do not specify the unit. Only the enter the number.).
Override ThemeoverridecolorsNo (0)Choose whether to override the theme colours for the progress bar.
Progress Bar Color (loading)colorloading#629bfcThe background color of the progress bar while it is loading.
Progress Bar Color (complete)colorcomplete#83f781The background color of the progress bar when upload is complete.
Progress Bar Color (error)colorerror#fa5a5aThe background color of the progress bar when an error occurs.
Disappear bar when complete?disappearNo (0)This specifies that the progress bar disappears a few seconds after the upload is complete.
Notification Details
Send an Email Notification?notifyNo (0)This specifies whether an email notification should be sent to the email address below after the successful upload is complete.
Recipient Email AddressesrecipientEMPTYOne or more email addresses that receive the upload notification. Separate multiple emails using a comma or semi-colon.
Enable Username SubfoldersuserfoldersNo (0)When enabled, files are uploaded to username folders inside the upload folder.
Guest Folder Nameguestfolder__guestThis is the name of the folder where the files for guest users are kept.

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