Easy File Uploader - Version 2.7.8



GPL v2 - Easy File Uploader License


  • Joomla 3.3Joomla 3.4Joomla 3.5
  • PHP 5.3+


This is a flexible file upload module. It allows the administrator to specify a destination folder, and allows the user to upload files to it. The administrator can also specify how many files that can be uploaded simultaneously, as well as the text in the front end. You can even have more then one module of its kind on the same page.

Main features:

  • Upload files to a specified folder in the root directory.
  • Specify the maximum file size permitted to tbe uploaded.
  • Specify the types of files, by MIME type, that are permitted.
  • Customize the upload label and submit button texts.
  • Specify the background color of the results block to match your theme.
  • Upload multiple files simultaneously (Up to a maximum of 10)
  • Customize your front end text
  • Customize your file input variable, which allows to have multiple modules on a single page
  • Provide the front-end user with the option to replace existing files on upload
  • Option to save files in username subfolders
  • Displays MIME Detection Compatibility in Module Manager

Changes in version 2.7.8

Released: July 14, 2016

  • Fixed version number discrepancy

Changes in version 2.7.7:

Released: June 3, 2016

  • Added custom security checks for files
  • Removed the use of JFile::upload
  • Changed Unsuccessful upload notice from Warning to Error
  • Fixed issue with trailing slash when Folder Location is empty

Changes in version 2.7.5:

Released: May 27, 2016

  • Changed No File Uploaded alert from Error to Warning
  • Added option to hide the notice for when no file is uploaded
  • Changed Yes/No fields in configuration to radio buttons

Changes in version 2.7.1:

Released: January 23, 2016

  • Removed all reference assignments (=&)
  • Updated all the Copyright Notices to include 2016

Updates in version 2.7:

Released: October 24, 2015

  • Added Update Server Links
  • Confirmed Compatibility with Joomla 3.4+
  • Moved upload results to above the file upload element
  • Removed version information in description
  • Added customizable css and javascript files for alerts
  • Added closable html alerts for the results
  • Removed the results background color field
  • Removed Compatibility with Unsupported Joomla Versions
  • Updated all the Copyright Notices to include 2015
  • Removed MooRainbow Color Picker for Joomla Built-in version

Updates in version 2.5:

Released: January 11, 2013

  • Compatible with Joomla 3.0 as a single installer
  • Added Documentation URL
  • Minor Fixes and Optimizations. See CHANGELOG.php for details

Urgent Notice:

Version 2.0 maintains Security Release status. If you use a version earlier than 0.6, you need to upgrade immediately. See changelog.txt for change log details.

New Features in version 2.0:

Released: March 05, 2012

  • Changed upload folder selection
  • Included Language files to handle multi-languages
  • Single installation for ALL supported Joomla versions
  • Added Module Class Suffix Parameter
  • Media files are now kept in media folder instead of modules folder
  • Changed Color picker to MooRainbow
  • Translations Included: GB English, US English, Spanish

Known Issues:

This module is designed to work on PHP 5.3+. If you have an earlier version of PHP, it should still work but you may encounter issues with detecting the MIME type of the uploaded file. This depends on your server setup, as it should work fine if PHP is allowed to call the exec function. See the support site for further details and considerations.


  • Jeff Channell - providing the code fix for the MIME type tamper vulnerability


I have a support site setup for answering any and all issues that you experience when using the extensions. Go to: support.michaelgilkes.com

Brand URL : http://michaelgilkes.info/joomla-plugin-easy-file-uploader/
Downloads Version 2.7.8