Pure Tabs - Version 1.1

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GPL v2 - Pure Tabs License


  • Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0
  • Mootools Core 1.4.3
  • Mootools More
  • PHP 5.2+


This is a flexible, simple-to-use plugin that is used to add tabs to any article created in Joomla. Easy Tabs can display tabs at four different positions: top, left, bottom, or right. You can have multiple tabs on the same article. The content of each tab is independent of the other tabs. You can place custom text, modules, or even the contents of other articles in a tab. This plugin offers a choice of 24 themes. These themes are designed with pure CSS, and no images. Creating new themes is very easy, as a result of the pure CSS nature of the design.

Main features:

  • Insert tabs in any article
  • Place tabs at four different positions
  • Place text in any tab
  • Place one or more modules in any tab
  • Place an article in any tab
  • 24 themes to choose from
  • Easily create your own theme
  • Specify the default tab to show
  • Translations Included: GB English, US English, Spanish, French

What's Different in version 1.1:

Released: February 5, 2013

  • Compatible with Joomla 3.0

What's New in version 1.0.1:

Released: November 7, 2012

  • Fixed link to Help Documentation
  • Changed name of plugin to "Pure Tabs"

1.0 Release Date: October 9, 2012

Demo Site:

Please feel free to check out the demo of the plugin at my demo site.


Known Issues

Template styles may conflict with the Pure Tabs styles, and may override them. This depends on the template itself, thus individual results may vary. Conflicts may be avoided by specifying the use of inline styles for the plugin.


  • CSS3Pie [ css3pie.com ]
  • French Translation by Nicolas Geysse


Feel free to visit my support site or use the Contact Form.