This module is designed for Joomla 3.9.x. To install go to the install/uninstall extensions page of Joomla Administrator and upload the package file. Then go to the Module Manager page and activate the module.


To use this module as content in an article, first ensure than the loadmodule plugin (Content - Load Module) is Enabled.

Second, give an arbitrary Position to the Easy File Uploader module, such as 'x_load', and configure the parameters.

Thirdly, in the article, type '{loadposition x_load}'. Please ensure that the Menu Assignment is set to 'All Pages' or to the specific article that it is to be displayed in. To control which types of users have access to this module, set the Access Level in the module.

To specify how many multiple uploads, go to the Advanced Parameters section, and choose from 1 to 10.

To allow more than one module on the same page, or article, give each of them a different arbitrary position. Then go to the Advanced Parameters section and specify a different Input File Variable Name for each of them. If they all have the same Input File Variable Name, it will cause any uploads to one module folder to show erroneous messages for the other modules.


NameDefault ValueDescription
Label Text'Choose a file to upload:'This is the text that labels the upload file form.
Submit Button Text'Upload File'This is the text that is on the button to upload the file.
Choose the Upload FolderThe 'stories' folderThis is a drop down list of the sub-folders in the 'images' folder. The selected folder is where the uploaded files are stored.
Maximum File Size (bytes)1000000This is the maximum allowable file size, in bytes, that can be uploaded.
Results Box Background Color#DDEEFFThe background color of the Results information box.
Permitted file types (separate by semi-colon)image/gif; image/jpeg; image/pjpeg; image/png; application/pdf; application/msword;
application/zip; application/x-compressed; application/x-zip-compressed; multipart/x-zip; application/excel; application/; application/x-excel; application/x-msexcel
This is a list of the file types that are permitted to be uploaded (separated by semi-colon). Type asterisk (*) to allow any type.
Replace Files QuestionReplace existing files with uploaded files?This is the text that labels the option of whether the user wants to replace existing files.
Yes answer textYesYou are free to customize the YES answer text to the replace question.
No answer textNoYou care free to customize the NO answer text to the replace question.
Include option to replace existing file?NoThis allows the administrator to decide whether to include an option in the front-end to replace en existing file with the same file name as the file to be uploaded.
Input File Variable NamefileToUploadThis allows you to specify the variable name of the input file. Only change this if you intend to have more than one Easy File Uploader module on a single article page. In that case, each module should have its own unique name.
Number of Files to Upload1Select the number of upload file fields to include. The default is to upload 1 file, but you may select up to 10 files to upload simultaneously.
Enable Username SubfoldersDisabledWhen enabled, files are uploaded to username folders inside the upload folder.
MIME Detection CompatibilityN/ADisplays how compatible your server is with the module

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