This module is designed for Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5. To install go to the install/uninstall extensions page of Joomla Administrator and upload the package file. Then go to the Module Manager page and activate the module.


To use this module as content in an article, first ensure than the loadmodule plugin (Content - Load Module) is Enabled.

Second, give an arbitrary Position to the Easy Folder Listing module, such as 'x_list', and configure the parameters.

Thirdly, in the article, type '{loadposition x_list}'. Please ensure that the Menu Assignment is set to 'All Pages' or to the specific article that it is to be displayed in. To control which types of users have access to this module, set the Access Level in the module.

NameDefault ValueDescription
Choose the Parent FolderimagesThis is the parent folder where the files are stored. It is administered by a drop-down list.
Location within the Parent Folder<blank>This is the actual folder, within the parent folder (above), where the files are kept. Leave blank to show the contents of the parent folder.
Force encode UTF-8NoneIf your non-English filenames are not showing correctly, choose one of these methods to correct it. Default is set to none.
Source EncodingISO-8859-1Character Encoding of the filename text taken from the server file system.
Show IconsYesIf this option is set to Yes, each file will have an icon to describe the type of the file.
Show File ExtensionsNoIf this option is set to No, each file name will be displayed without the file extension.
Show File SizeYesIf this option is set to Yes, the size of the file will be shown.
Show DateYesIf this option is set to Yes, the date that each file was modified will be shown.
Show Time (with the Date above)YesIf this option is set to Yes, the time stamp that each file was modified will be shown. If it is set to No, then only the Date will be shown. Note that if Date (above) is not shown at all, then time will not show either.
Link To FilesYesIf this option is set to Yes, each file will be hyperlinked for easy downloading.
Forbidden file types (separate by semi-colon)htm;html;phpThis is a list of the file types that are forbidden to be listed (separated by semi-colon).
Display MethodTableIf Table is selected, the folder listing will be displayed in an HTML TABLE. If List is selected, it will be displayed using the Unordered List element.
Sort ColumnNameThis specifies the column that the list is sorted by.
Sort DirectionAscending orderThis specifies whether we are sorting by ascending or descending order.
Odd Table Row Background Color#F0F0F6The background color of the odd table row.
Even Table Row Background Color#FFFFFFThe background color of the even table row.
Heading Row Background Color#E6EEEEThe background color of the heading row.
Border Color#CDCDCDThe color of the table's border.